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Key Initiatives

Committee of One Hundred

2017 Key Initiatives

March 30, 2017

Executive Committee:

President:  John Peak      Vice President:  Reggie Abrams

  • Facilitate collaboration among top government leaders and Shreveport Mayor.
  • Enhance C100 value to Members and Community with expanded communications and targeted speakers at Membership meetings.

Economic Development Committee:

Chair:  Robert Mills          Vice Chair:  Steve Roop

  • Pursue and support key transportation projects in the area such as I-49, I-69, Hwy 3132 extension or alternatively a road from the Port directly to I-49.
  • Assess SHV-BC communities’ progress in creating the amenities/attributes necessary to attract and retain the workforce needed in coming years and identify key gaps.
  • Lead the effort to convene, connect and facilitate collaboration of the various key economic development efforts in northwest Louisiana.
  • Economic Impact of Air Force Global Strike Command:
    • Research and inform our members about the potential economic and community impact of AFGSC and
    • Research potential obstacles to its maximum impact and how C100 and community could address each.

Government Committee:

Chair:  David Cromwell    Vice Chair:  Eric Barkley

  • Create and publish list of desirable characteristics or measures of good governance.
  • Create and publish list of desirable characteristics for those running for office or re-election.
  • Organize NW LA legislative delegation to rally on key needs and unity in supporting the region.
  • Establish, maintain lines of communication, relationships with key leaders in SHV, Bossier governmental agencies.

Healthcare Committee:

Chair:  Chris Elberson      Vice Chair:  Robert Dean

  • Research LSU Med School risks and potential for growth and determine ways that community can address both.
  • Determine the facts needed for improving relationship between LSUHSC and University Health, potential opportunities for resolution and alternatives offering a better solution for community.
  • Determine healthcare costs in northwest Louisiana versus other markets.

Military Affairs Committee:

Chair:  Murray Viser        Vice Chair:  George Fritze

  • Provide annual social event to host BAFB leadership.
  • Help BAFB airmen to feel more a part of the community.
  • Work with Economic Development to assist with opportunities at Barksdale.

Education Committee:

Chair:  Brady Harris          Vice Chair:  Robert McGowen

  • Develop credible, fact based information on academic and financial performance of Caddo Public Schools for C100 and its members’ engagement and support of  K-12 education.
  • Support efforts by Step Forward and other local organizations to expand Early Childhood Education efforts in region.
  • Assess and monitor CPS efforts to address underperforming schools, dropout rates and children not prepared for starting school.
  • Support Shreveport-Bossier Alliance for Higher Education and Workforce Development efforts.

Community Relations Committee:

Chair:  Judy Williams       Vice Chair:  Roy Griggs

  • Develop/support programs that foster understanding, trust and respect among races in our community, such as via neighborhood meetings.
  • Broaden conversations to promote understanding of each other (citizens) in Shreveport.
  • Support, promote, monitor programs that will close the economic gaps including MSI and SAC.
  • Develop/maintain C100 relationships with key African American organizations within region.

Membership Committee:

Chair:  Harry McInnis       Vice Chair:  Chris Gabriel

  • Target increased membership in Bossier Parish.
  • Seek qualified candidates to achieve greater diversity among women, African American and Hispanic business leaders.
  • Create and maintain a prioritized prospect list to target key firms and business leaders in the region and act quickly on membership vacancies.
  • Identify ways to better engage Advisory Members.

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