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Key Initiatives



Key Initiatives for 2016

February 4, 2016


Economic Development

  • Sponsor and facilitate monthly Regional Executives Coordinating Council (RECC)
  • Support completion of infrastructure projects such as I-49, public utilities, and public facilities
  • Address sense of place or quality of life to retain and attract younger citizens

Government Sub-committee

  • Maintain communication with state, parish, and city officials to promote effective programs
  • Define and describe for the community the quality and style of government that is desired
  • Describe and communicate the desired attributes for those filling key elected positions.

Healthcare Sub-Committee

  • Support LSU Medical School and regional healthcare providers to work together to provide effective healthcare 
  • Work with and support other healthcare providers that supply specialty services

Military Affairs Sub-Committee

  • Maintain contact and liaison with Barksdale leadership via Military Liaisons and Spring Military Leadership Reception
  • Develop ways to support Air Force personnel and help them feel part of the community


  • Support Parish school systems and provide input and help to indicate what business community expects from the schools
  • Promote workforce training and development that will help area businesses attract and retain the workforce to fill current and future jobs.
  • Maintain contact and influence with local and state education officials in support of public
  • school policies and funding, and to support higher education and the medical school.

Community Relations

  • Achieve diversity among Committee of One Hundred membership and proactively work to increase the African-American membership in the Committee of One Hundred.
  • Support community organizations already making a difference in African-American and White relationships.
  • Be sensitive and aware of the racial barriers that still exist in our region.

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