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Committee of One Hundred Accomplishments

2005 – 2016

  1. Our reputation has grown, as we represent business interests, promote community improvements, and provide community leadership
  2. More city and state influence (via quarterly meetings with LED Secretary and Mayors of Shreveport and Bossier)
  3. Driving force behind SAC (Strategic Action Council) and their initiatives, with expanding role in community projects, and well represented on the board of SAC
  4. Promoted and supported regional economic development via a new organization, North Louisiana Economic Partnership, which separated from the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce
  5. Expanded activities to more of a regional perspective (in Northwest Louisiana)
  6. Active involvement and facilitator since 2000 for RECC (Regional Executives Coordinating Council) representing leadership on both sides of the Red River
  7. Promoted racial and gender diversity in our community and with the Barksdale procurement program (Community Relations Committee)
  8. Driver for funding priorities for completing I-49 North and ED initiatives like Co-Habitat and CNG use with re-fueling places (Economic Development Committee)
  9. Higher education initiatives via engaging consultant Eva Klein for developing improvement model for the state (Education Committee)
  10. Active support for and relationships with Barksdale leadership and hosted annual receptions with leadership (Military Affairs Sub-Committee)
  11. A definite role in support of LSUHSC-S and collaboration with private-sector medical centers, such as Trauma Center (Healthcare Sub-Committee)
  12. Made our priorities known to regional legislators via legislative booklets and legislative contacts (Government Sub-Committee)
  13. Collaborated with Louisiana C of 100 for Economic Development state-wide
  14. Participated, facilitated, and provided input for significant initiatives in our region, such as Master Plan and Community Foundation projects
  15. Kept our membership better informed (newsletters, speakers, E-mail, and new website)
  16. Followed our Long-Range Plan with objectives and initiatives for improving Shreveport-Bossier and surrounding area that are consistent from year-to-year
  17. Provided leadership/resources for SAC in forming the Minority Supplier Institute (MSI) for reducing the "gap" between minority and majority businesses
  18. Supported/provided leadership for Shreveport-Bossier Business Alliance (SBBA) which has successfully addressed higher education improvements
  19. Assisted with transition from LSU Health Sciences in Shreveport to a public-private partnership with Biomedical Research Foundation (BRF)
  20. Provided input on improvements to Caddo Parish School System leadership and participated in roundtable meetings with the Superintendent.
  21. Met with City and Parish officials to discuss public issues (Government Sub-Committee)
  22. Supported completion of the inner-city I-49 Connector via active input to DOTD and participating in public meetings
  23. Delivered annual grants to non-profits in the community for projects consistent with our objectives and initiatives
  24. Investigated and supported the Caddo Parish School Tax Renewal.
  25. Evaluated possible solutions for LSU Medical School and University Health working better together to accomplish their joint mission of providing healthcare services for the community.
  26. Provided tickets for men and women at Barksdale for community events to help them feel more a part of our community.
  27. Supported the Early Childhood Education as part of the regional Step Forward programs and also the state-wide programs that include the School Readiness Tax Credits for Businesses.



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