Our History

The Committee of One Hundred, Inc., filed its charter with the State of Louisiana on August 31, 1961. Its purpose is to study, confer, and act upon any matter, civic or economic in character, which may be deemed to affect the welfare of the Cities of Shreveport and Bossier, the Parishes of Caddo and Bossier, and the surrounding areas of Northwest Louisiana. The Committee supports any educational, charitable or civic enterprise deemed to promote the welfare of those entities.These activities must be absolutely nonpolitical in character and constitute a nonprofit corporation.

These entities include keeping the membership informed concerning the major facets of community activity – economic, governmental, civic, and cultural. The Committee of One Hundred follows the activities of existing local organizations and agencies. When any such organization or agency needs assistance, the Committee shall lend its leadership and support to assist in taking action to form appropriate organizations or agencies.

Members are required to be the highest-ranking local executive of business and professional enterprises transacting business actively in Northwest Louisiana. Selection for membership shall primarily be based upon proven community interest and leadership.

The membership meets regularly to carry out its purposes and activities, with no non-member guests allowed at membership meetings with the exception of invited speakers to keep members informed. Since inception, the organization has maintained contact with elected and appointed officials in the surrounding areas and in the state in order to keep informed and to maintain dialogue. There also has been an on-going dialogue with various Community leaders over the years, and much of the Committee of One Hundred dialogue is maintained via the executive committee, the board of directors, and the various program committees which focus on the objectives of the organization.

The operations of the Committee to meet the stated purposes have changed through the years, mainly due to the need to address more complex government issues, different methods of business operation, faster communication media, and new social issues. The Committee of One Hundred now has more committees focusing on different objectives and initiatives that are relevant to the needs of our community.  During 2011, The Committee of One Hundred celebrated its 50th year of involvement in mobilizing business to improve the community.  In 2016, the tradition conditions as we engage in more activities to meet the community needs.