Focus Areas

Focus Areas of Our Program Committees

Economic Development – Identify, monitor, support, and collaborate economic development opportunities for our region, with specific focus on key opportunities.

Government Relations – Maintain relationships with government officials promote collaboration among officials, study key government issues, and recommend needed actions.

Healthcare – Identify regional healthcare issues needing attention; promote regional collaboration among healthcare organizations, and advocate healthcare improvements for our region.

Military – Demonstrate appreciation for Barksdale leadership, support personnel on the base with assistance as needed, and seek opportunities for business/civic participation.

Community Relations – Promote improved trust, understanding, and respect in racial relationships, provide more economic opportunities, and help close the economic gaps for all citizens in our region.

Education – Monitor and assist education systems with providing quality education for all people from early childhood through higher education levels in the region to prepare them for employment.

Communications – Develop improved internal and external communications for better understanding of our vision, mission, core values, and goals for our communities.